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A fun and fresh approach


Danny felt that aromatherapy needed a youthful approach, everywhere he turned there were dark packaged and sometimes slightly seedy products, representing something which is wonderfully natural. Aromatherapy had really been neglected as something which should be part of everyone's everyday life. There are few other substances in the world which can make you feel good without bad side effects. When you are depressed you may turn to chocolate and this will in the end make you overweight, or you may turn to alcohol and this will make you feel rough the next day or at worse you may turn to drugs, however burn some essential oils, pamper yourself in an indulgent aromatherapy based bath or in the best example have a massage with aromatherapy essential oils and not only will you feel great there and then, the next day you just keep feeling better and better.

From the beginning the founder of Naturallythinking, Danny Stanzl had one goal and that was to provide premium aromatherapy and aromatherapy skincare products at affordable prices. At the time, using natural based products meant taking something which was "second best", nobody was prepared to invest the time in looking at natural ingredients. In addition the big high street names, which looked natural at first, weren't always very natural.

Having worked for Nelsons (the people that make Rescue Remedy), Danny had, had some exposure to what could be done with natural ingredients and how if they were used properly, you could substitute chemical ingredients which although may make a product bubbly and pretty or smell strong, do nothing for the skin and in fact in many people are the source of their skin irritation in the first place...


Our Big Moment


These are the very concepts which we try to bring into every Naturallythinking product, having started from a stainless steel sink in his parents garage in 2000 (at this time selling just herbal teas), with the aid of his Mum, Naturallythinking soon gained a small cult online following. In 2002 Naturallythinking was launched as an aromatherapy company and later that year we had our biggest break through, when thanks to a poster on handbag.com who posted  comments about Clary Sage and it's effects on men and women's sexual experiences, recommending Naturallythinking Clary Sage we gained our biggest Natural exposure and surge in customers. The post on handbag.com went on to receive over 100,000 posts and did wonders for us... so we will ever be indebted to the poster "Lady Muck" for her post.

Naturallythinking Shop


With added customers and more of a following in 2004, we moved out of the Garage which had become a little crowded with bottles and ingredients, to a shop in Carshalton High Street... No.7, which is the oldest shop in Carshalton, parts of it dating back to the 15 Century. In the same year we also became involved in Carshalton Lavender, which is revival project in our local area to replant Lavender in Carshalton (once the home of Lavender Production in the World), this involvement has led to further success of the project and Naturallythinking exclusively producing the Carshalton Lavender range of bodycare products.

Over the following 5 years we steadily grew and had our ups and downs like any business... until we moved our production to our Warehouse in Beddington in 2009. This has enabled us to expand our treatment rooms at the shop and extend the display space.



High Quality Ingredients brought directly to you, ethical, quality, affordability


Throughout the past decade the over riding aim has to be to provide products which are better than anything others offer at prices which are affordable, we use ingredients such as Marine Collagen, Sea Buckthorne, Argan, Coldpressed Jojoba and Rosehip in our products which only make it into the most expensive of designer brands.

Because of this commitment, we've had to find ways to make it happen, so unlike our competition we source our ingredients direct from producers, whether this be Lavender growers in Bulgaria or bottle producers in Holland, by cutting out the middleman we can effectively offer our customers trade prices. We don't deny this isn't a fun bit of our job, we love traveling through Europe to find the best producers of Oils and Ingredients and we no longer have any need to take personal holidays as these ingredient sourcing trips are like a holiday to us and by sourcing direct we work with our suppliers to ensure that delivery timings not only work for us, but work for them and pay them in excess of the wholesale rate they would get from large multinationals who buy their products.

Aromatherapy is one area where "Fair Trade" doesn't really exist, despite the fact many of the oils come from some of the poorest parts of the world, so ensuring we self regulate, not only ensures we bring you the best oils but importantly oils which have been produced and supplied ethically... if there isn't a body such as Fair Trade to regulate these things, then it is up to us to trade fairly without regulation.


From retail to Spas to Hotels


Our commitment to quality hasn't gone noticed by larger brands or companies that want to add a range of toiletries to the products they offer and over the past 5 years we now produce products for many of the larger brands who share our philosophy and ideals, but we will never produce for companies which still involve themselves in some way with animal testing and like our own products, we do not use ingredients which are derived from animals, therefore making us Vegan Friendly.

Through out the decade we have remained independent and have self financed everything we do, if we do not have the money, we don't do it. We do not have accounts with our suppliers, we pay for everything up front, this ensures our suppliers are paid promptly and to be honest, gives us a little preferential treatment over those "late payers".

For the future we plan to increase our range of products, we have some fantastic and innovative spa products and our constantly widening customer base means we have now penetrated into the heart of Europe and Asia.

One thing will remain though, we will continue only to stock the best ingredients and offer them at the best price, if anything would make us have to compromise this, we will not do it.

Thank You!


Thanks for being a Naturallythinking Customer and Helping us get where we have, we hope you love the products and our products help you treat your clients, customers and yourself with the same ideology and love that we have.

The information provided by Naturallythinking on our website and via other social media channels is for personal information and interest only. It is not intended to offer professional medical advice or treatment for any condition. You should not use our site or advice within to treat health conditions or to self-diagnose... Click here for full information

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Aromatherapy for the professional, therapist & enthusiast with natural skincare products made from pure oils & naturally parabens & synthetic free. We never test on animals, nor buy from any supplier that tests on animals. We are Vegan Friendly and use 100% recyclable packaging.

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